7 Little Known Facts About Joe Biden

By March 22, 2022YouTube

With gas prices soaring, inflation at record highs, Russia invading Ukraine… and all this happening within Biden’s first 2 years in office, he will clearly go down as the BEST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY… Hands down. Only a right wing nut could disagree!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan boy of our great and noble leader. He not only is the shining example of what a moral and integrity filled man should be… He’s also a great father. He proved it when the first government funded crack pipe hit the streets. Crack isn’t just for the privileged white children of Washington Elite… No, it’s for everyone.

In this video you will discover that Joe Biden was raised Pentecostal and is known for speaking in Tongues on frequent occasions. You will also learn a tid about his son Hunter who works in the pipe industry, and why Joe’s hair always looks soo good.

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