Little Known Facts About Kristi Noem

By March 7, 2022YouTube

The former Congresswoman and current Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, has become a well known fixture in American 🇺🇸 Politics and the Republican Party particularly in recent years. She is currently residing over one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country which currently stands at 2.9% I’ve had the opportunity to film her, on at least 2 occasions I can remember, for a Men’s Health Workout meant to bring awareness to Men’s Health down at the Capitol during Men’s Health Month. It was hosted by Men’s Health Network and is Chaired by Markwayne Mullin, Republican Congressmen of Oklahoma. You can watch one of the workouts with Kristi here. In this video you will discover 7 Little Known Facts about this American Patriot. Including what got her in to politics, her stance on abortion and a unique gift she gave former President Donald Trump.

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