The Best Doritos Superbowl Commercial

By January 21, 2022YouTube

Years ago I used to do video competitions. This one I did for a Doritos Superbowl Commercial competition. While it did not win, it’s clear it should have. With at this time 64k views, it is the Gold standard by which all other Doritos commercials should follow. It’s not only glorious, classy, and thought provoking… It speaks to the heart of social inequity in our society today. Just because a man has a mullet, does not make him lesser than his fellow man. Who are you, who are we, to judge? So many status symbols in our society today. Is the mullet not a symbol of accomplishment and due honor and respect? Does a man with a mullet not bleed the same blood as you or I?

When a woman sees a Mullet, itโ€™s love at first sight… When a man sees a Dorito, itโ€™s love at first bite…

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