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Real Estate Videos

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There is nothing more visual than Real Estate. Of course, when a young couple is searching for a home they are not going to drive around or go to a Real Estate office, they are going to search the web. They’ll find several properties and several pictures but they won’t always find videos.

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Danglinn Productions First Feature Documentary

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Though called Fearless, Fred Warder was as afraid as anyone else when torpedoing Japanese ships as the Captain of submarine USS Seawolf. A man who believed your enemy is also your brother. He fought his enemy hard, but he also respected and loved him. The United States is a nation that seeks to win the hearts and minds of the world, not just conquer it like empires of the past. Check out the trailer and the website

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Wedding Videographers in Baltimore

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There are a few large national Wedding Videography companies who sub out work to sub par videographers, pay them zilch and then have your videos edited in a foreign country for pennies on the dollar! The videos come out very cheesy. They care more about profit than they do you and your video.

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Business Marketing Videos

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“LSA surveyed 2,000 consumers and found that 44 percent of buyers viewed an online video while searching for local products and services. Fifty-three percent of viewers contacted the business after watching a video, 51 percent visited the business website, and 33 percent visited the store.

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